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Charles Gohmann


Charles is an experienced entrepreneur, specialized in business design, with more than 35 years of international experience in business and financial management. He has directed and consolidated companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Over the years he has managed his family's businesses, marketed agricultural products, developed international distribution channels for consumer and industrial products, and sold several billion dollars in products around the world. He was co-founder and CEO of First Costa Rican Title & Trust, positioning it as a leader in structuring legal services, transfers and trusts to foreign investors in the Costa Rican real estate market, overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions. Since 2005 Gohmann has focused on financing and business development activities and currently works with innovative companies in the Hospitality, Life Sciences and Technology sectors.

Priscila Chaves

Costa Rica

Priscila has worked in the integration of technology, business and entrepreneurship for over 13 years where she has collaborated with multinationals and startups in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. As a business strategy leader in Cognitiva (IBM Watson's strategic partner for Latin America) she contributes to the development of solutions that improve people' quality of life in the region, through Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. She is also Executive Director of 10x, a consulting firm that combines technology, education and entrepreneurship to take the region to the next level.

Alvaro Cedeño

Costa Rica

Alvaro is a specialist in conflict resolution and business. He has a wide management and executive trajectory. He is the author of several books focused on business management and the human being behind each company. He is currently a columnist for La Nación where he addresses topics such as family businesses, creativity, reverse engineering, personal development and even neuroscience.

Jose Miguel Alfaro

Costa Rica

In 2009 he founded s.e.e.d., a boutique firm specialized in impact investment issues, primarily focused on meeting the legal needs of startups, SMEs, social enterprises, NGOs and impact investors, including individuals, venture capital and institutional investors. He has a degree in Law from the University of Costa Rica and an MBA from Oxford University, where he was awarded the Skoll Scholarship. He is also a Global Shaper, a World Economic Forum community for young leaders and legal counsel of Carao Ventures.

Thomas Agrait


Thomas is an entrepreneur who owns a transnational company that specializes in the optimization of industrial processes and which operates in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, India. He also has a PhD. in neuroscience from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MIT).

Bentley Born


Bentley is an Electronic Engineer from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). In 2001 he founded the company Gridshield, which offers solutions and services based on open source software for IT management. A few years ago he established to support the Makers movement and open source hardware in Costa Rica.

Alejandro Minatta


Since 2003 he has specialized in advising private companies and public institutions in strategy, innovation, finance, entrepreneurship and organizational articulation.

Laura Altschuler

She is an expert in closing innovation gaps between Israel and Latin America, creating value in training, investment and sustainability in the diverse actors of the ecosystem. She is a consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, government advisor of Chile and Argentina in high-impact projects in search of Venture Capital, judge and director of technology-based projects (PhD of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Business Development, Founding Director of Duo IDB).


Costa Rica

Néstor es un economista, financista, convertido en emprendedor. Néstor obtuvo su Bachillerato de Economía y MBA de la Universidad de Costa Rica y ha trabajado como asesor de inversiones en empresas líderes en Costa Rica tales como el Banco Nacional y el Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. A su vez, Néstor es corredor de bolsa y ha desempeñado múltiples cargos de jefaturas en empresas administradoras de fondos mancomunados, desde fondos de inversión a la vista hasta fondos de pensiones y carteras privadas de inversión. Actualmente Néstor lidera varios emprendimientos en la industria de las Ciencias de la Vida así como en Bienes y Raíces, en donde aporta su conocimiento y perspectiva del mundo financiero y creatividad para buscar soluciones y la optimización de ideas de negocios y proyectos con gran potencial.

Our Advisors