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About us

Technology Explorers

bringing passion and purpose to everything we create

Imagine XYZ helps companies to reach their highest level of efficiency through the implementation of technological innovative solutions tailored to their organization.

We are a group of weirdos restless minds, crazy about innovation and united by our passion of making a dent in the universe. We enjoy challenges which makes us experts in solving complex problems from different kinds of industries. We are eager to create products that generate an impact. When we start a project, we are moved by the "what if...?" and when we successfully conclude it, we're excited about "what’s next?"

Working with Imagineers is to discover a world of possibilities, in which talent and innovation join together to bring out amazing solutions. We listen to our clients' ideas and goals, then we take them to our playground laboratory where our talented multidisciplinary team works exhaustively to achieve the optimal solution for their needs.

Just keep in mind... we are rebels very ambitious and we always seek to go beyond what our customers can imagine.

what we do?


What we do?

Our Services

innovative research

"The first step towards generating innovation and impact is to discern all possibilities."

Process optimization

"Re-inventing the way things are done."


"There's no point in an idea if it doesn't satisfy a need or it's not accessible to the target market."

Custom technology development

"Hardware, software, mechanics, robotics, artificial intelligence… Technology doesn't matter when we are brainstorming what the best solution could be…"

Experience improvement

"What matters most is user satisfaction."

what we do?





Curiosity is in our genes, we enjoy  the process of uncertainty and discovery. When we start a project, we first get fully involved in our client needs by understanding their requirements, challenges and listening to their concerns. Through intensive visits, interviews, focus groups, brainstorming, lots of post-its and multi-disciplinary team discussions we evaluate different alternatives to satisfy our clients' needs.

We carry out a cost-benefit analysis of the alternatives with a detailed description of the resources, scopes, costs, timescales, schedules and development methodology.

out of box

Our favorite part! Sketching, 3D modeling, simulations, embedded systems, technology trends, software platforms, usability tests, and tons of coffee! We have fun but we make sure to deliver a fast, efficient and high quality response. We start the design process and the product prototype. We test and validate with our customers as many times as necessary until they are fully satisfied with the result.

At the end of this stage we offer one or more field tests with functional solutions that satisfy the requirements agreed with the client.


In addition to ensuring that the product meets the needs of the present, we scale its impact in the future. We work with our clients to identify opportunities so that the final solution grows and is maintained in continuous improvement.

In this phase we focus directly on aspects of optimizing solutions for mass manufacturing, intellectual property, implementation, marketing and scaling strategies.


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